Fashion Bossy Things of 2015

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Our friends over at gave us some boss ass things to look forward to next year! Check out some Bossy Things of 2015. 


So as the new year approaches, we all are on a “New year, New me” mindset, and is here to help. I’m an avid believer in constant self improvement and keeping up with the trends! Lameremere is an entertainment platform for the stylish, trendy, pop culture curious individual. I’m out of Tampa, FL, so therefore I also post about popular night life and college life in the area as well!

The winter season is among us! There are a few essentials I deem as absolutely necessary! For example clear skin (Clarisonic “Mia” can take care of that), fabulous strappy tops and sandals, also ripped edgy jeans, alongside pastels and nude colors. All of which can be purchased via online which is my favorite way to shop because apparently going braless, wearing sweatpants and flip flops is frowned upon at the mall. Polyvore, Topshop, Zara, Forever21 and many more online stores have everything a trendy gal needs to cover her season necessities.
I look forward to posting more about my favorite trends, entertainment, restaurants and celeb news as the year progresses! As well as seeing what the Kardashian-Jenners are going to display for their 2015 styles!

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