Have a Boss A*s Winter

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What do you need to have a Bossy winter? Check out our top 3 things! 


Furrr is in demand like no other! From Black, to grey, to burgundy, you can wear a fur to glam up any outfit! It’s classy and you don’t have to spend all your coins to boss up! Check out this one from HouseofChic.LA.

Instagram: @nailsbymztina

Instagram: @nailsbymztina

Boss Ass Nails! Yes ladies, no matter if your style is short and neutral, or pointy and sassy, keep a fresh pair. A manicure every two weeks not only looks good, but keeps you in good spirit. You deserve it girl!


Make-Up game strong! Of course not everyone has time to do a full face every day. But commend attention with a striking lip color, and dark lips. It’s the essentials that really matter!

Stay Bossy Ladies. 

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