Meet the women working all your favorite parties and events. The Bottle Models are a group of promotional models who have within a year built an  expanding brand. From Detroit to Atlanta, these bosses are taking the entertainment industry by storm  one bottle at a time. Read about them below! 

Tell us who the “Bottle Models” are and how did you get started?

We are five young women from Detroit, who specialize in enhancing the nightlife experience; through elite staffing, promotions and being brand ambassadors. We linked up by working with each other at a nightclub, and realized how important making bottle service a VIP experience and teamwork was so we started to call ourselves the Bottle Models. When the nightclub closed we decided to register the business and get to work.

 Your team has been seen at some of the hottest events in many different cities. Where are your teams located, and are you looking to add new ladies?

Our team although based in Michigan (with one girl living in Atlanta), we have connections in New York, Chicago, Miami, Atlanta, Las Vegas and LA just to name a few. We are always looking for new faces to join our team. If a girl would like to join they need to send a professional resume, two professional pictures (a headshot and body shot) to bottlemodels@gmail.com or visit www.thebottlemodels.com

 What is the most exciting thing about being promoters and servers for elite urban events everywhere?

We don’t limit ourselves to just urban events we also have corporate clientele. But the most exciting thing is being able to make everyone feel VIP with our elite bottle service experience .


What are you girls working on this year?

We are working on continuing our expansion into different markets, On March 2nd we are had a party at Aroma in Atlanta. In 2014 we are celebrating one year in business and we only planning to bring bigger and better events.

This is The Boss Up, so give us 3 reasons you all consider yourselves  Bosses.

We consider ourselves bosses because:

1.) We empower people
2.) We inspire people
3.) We lead people

We are hands-on type of bosses so we work with the people, empower them (we are big on women empowerment) and lead people to be innovators! Find your passion and work at it. #SparkleUp


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