The Boss Up Exclusive Interview: Jasmine Jordan

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The Boss Up got the very exclusive opportunity to chat with 20-year-old Jasmine Jordan. This young Boss is on the move, building her own road to success but has a legacy that has withstood her since birth. Jasmine is the one and only daughter of Basketball Legend Michael Jordan. She had a lot to say about her own success, and a having a father known as the Greatest Basketball Player of All Time Peep the interview below!

For those who don’t know tell us who Jasmine Jordan is.

Jasmine Jordan is no different than the average Joe. I’m a crazy girl. I describe myself as being colorful because there are so many pieces that make me who I am. I can be your best friend, your lover, or your enemy all depending on the situation I am in. overall though I’m just a humble and fun person.

What made you attend Syracuse University, and how have your experiences been there?

I am a sport management major and Syracuse has the best program in my eyes. In all honest, I did not want to go to college, but college was a big thing my parents wanted me to experience.

When I first got here I honestly hated it. About a month or so before I officially moved in, there was an article written about me coming to Syracuse and next thing I know the world knew where I was going. I had over 1,000 Facebook requests and who knows how many twitter followers I gain. Needless to say, that article brought unwanted attention on me and it made my first year hard because everyone knew my face and assumed they knew my story as well. I wanted to transfer because I didn’t feel like the students were going to let me live my life. I got dirty looks, I heard the whispers and rumors, and it felt like everyday was a struggle to find a reason to go to class. My stressful first year was one of the key reasons I decided to graduate early. Yeah I could’ve just transferred or drop out all together but I knew if I transferred it would bring more attention to me and if I dropped out I’d be going against my promise I made to my parents that I would gradate. So I decided I’ll channel my energy into my work and get through. Luckily things did ease up though. I am a junior with senior standing so I gradate this year. I got through the entire BS and reached my goal. I think if people would have just let me live, my college experience would’ve been better but I don’t regret coming to Syracuse because I still had a great 3 years, met great people, and now I graduate this year with a lot of life experience under my belt.
What are your plans after graduation?
I’m currently on the fence. I am thinking about going to grad school and getting another degree but on the other hand I could go straight into working in the sports industry. It’s a hard decision honestly but thankfully I have time before making the decision.

Do you like it that most people know you as “Michael Jordan’s Daughter”?

I have no problem with people knowing me as Michael Jordan’s Daughter. The issue comes when people make assumptions on who I am because I am his daughter. People assume I play basketball or wear Jordan’s everyday and neither of those is true. I do not play basketball but I know the game. I don’t wear Jordan’s everyday because I like to switch it up. I always say I’m a pretty open book. You want to know what it is like being Michael Jordan’s daughter just ask me instead of making assumptions and drawing incorrect conclusions about me.

What is the craziest thing you’ve had to deal with from the fame of being a “Jordan”?

I think the craziest thing I deal with is the negativity. I am a very positive person! It takes a lot to knock me down. I always say that I don’t care what people say about me but the moment someone talks about my family we have an issue. Like any other person, my family is my world. I love my mommy and daddy and I’d die for my brothers. Attacking my family in a negative way is mind boggling to me. To me, I ask people that tweet negative things to me about my family or write crazy stories about us how would they feel if I attacked their family in a disrespectful manner. How would they feel? Just because my family is known does not make negativity and disrespectful behavior justifiable. Of course, me being the youngest in the family, I always want to respond to haters and curse them out but I can always here my parents voice in my head telling me to kill those people with kindness or my brothers saying don’t waste your time and just do me. So that’s what I do! But lord knows I’d love to tell some people about themselves but it’s not even worth it. I know my family. That’s all that matters.

Your father has built a legacy that probably will last for all time. How are you building your own legacy?

You know, I have a lot of time to create my own legacy but I think mine has started by going to college and getting my degree in 3 years. I’m only 20 years old right now. I have so much time to make my own legacy. Right now, I’m focused on continuing to enjoy my life and graduating. The legacy will follow after.

What’s the best lesson your father taught you?

My dad is always sharing his wisdom with me. I think him telling me to not allow my name to define me and to know that my life is a blessing shaped my whole outlook on life. I’m Jasmine at the beginning and end of each day. I don’t view myself above anyone and I don’t feel like I’m a celebrity. My last name is simply a name to me. My life is a complete blessing. People think having a famous dad is all bright lights and it’s far from that. It’s hard knowing that your family is always living under a microscope. It’s a life the a lot of people may want but wouldn’t know how to handle it correctly. Both my mom and dad made sure to raise my brothers and me with the knowledge that this life is a gift from God and should never be taken for granted. Knowing things like that makes me humble, grateful, and thankful for the life I have.

We have to ask, what’s your favorite Jordan Gym Shoe?

That’s hard! I am a retro fanatic really but I also love the 28’s. They come in bright colors and dope prints that look good while being comfortable

This is The Boss Up so give us 3 reasons why you consider yourself a Boss.

I’m a boss because

o I’m getting my college degree

o I hold myself to a high standard because I know my family and other people look up to me

o I don’t take my life for granted. I know and have heard people say things like “you know what I would do if my dad was Michael Jordan” and what follows is materialistic actions or ways of self-exploitation. Its sad that people would think that with a blessing as big as this that wasting it on material things or ways to climb of the social pyramid is the way to go about it.


We wish Jasmine all the luck in her last year at Syracuse and in all her future endeavors!