The Boss Up got the chance to interview 19-year-old Atlanta designer and socialite Dayira Jones. Dayira is definitely making moves as the creator of Bella Bar Tees, she is making a name for herself around the entire country. The true definition of a Boss, check out what she had to say for herself below. Also shop Bella Bar Tees

Tell us about Dayira Jones, the face behind DayyBella?

Dayira Jones is a 19 year old young woman with her head on right. She is currently a sophomore in college taking up mass communications, the owner of “Bella Bar Tees”, Socialite, and Fashion Icon. 

When did you first realize your love for fashion?

I grew up around fashion all my life and knew it was a big part of my life because my mom made it very important. I realized I had a eye for fashion in middle school about 12 years old when I used to lay my clothes out on the bed with accessories and etc. the night before school and consistently receive compliments on my outfits.

How did you come up with the name DayyBella?

DayyBella isn’t just a name, it is a brand also. I created that stage name about 5 years ago from my name ‘Dayira’ and inserted the Bella because it means beautiful . From that point on, I’ve been using that name for my social networks and etc. The reason the name got so big is because I created an enormous fan base over the years just by posting my everyday fashionable life. 

Who is your line “Bella Bar” targeted to? What type of clothing do you sale?

As of right now “Bella Bar” is only targeted to woman ages to 13-40. But very soon I will expanding that to men ages 15-40 and also children. My line consist of graphic quoted tees that can be worn with anything at any occasion.

You can add “fashion designer” to your title now. What other roles do you plan on trying & what can we look forward to from you in the future?

I have multiple projects that will be premiered very soon such as, being apart of a pageant as a judge, starting my DayyBella Couture Line, hosting seminars for young entrepreneurs, DayyBella party packages from ages 8-16, and more. So stay tuned!!

How has Atlanta helped you grow and succeed as a Business Woman?

Atlanta is a great city to pursue any dream in the industry (my opinion). There are so many opportunities out here and black people are so supportive of each other. I love it! This city has helped me groomed into this wonderful business woman I am today because there are many people who are in the same field as you and who you can connect with. It’s not a lot of hating, its more helping here and also networking is really big. 

What advice can you give to other young women entrepreneurs?

Some advice I can give other young entrepreneurs is know your goals, create business plans, be yourself, and work on something to better yourself or your brand EACH AND EVERY DAY. It works, I’m telling you.

This is The Boss Up, so what are three reasons you consider yourself a Boss?

-I make my OWN money at the age 19
-Respected by Many
-I’m focused motivated and determine to conquer this business 
That’s why I consider myself a BOSS (take notes)


How can your fans and customers reach you? 

My fans and customers can reach me at via comment box &

Instagram: DayyBella & Twitter: DayyBella