Michigan Fashion Week 2014

Michigan has brought us another wave of Midwest fashion with Fashion Week 2014! Check out our recap of their week events and check out their website for even more fashion goodies! 


Teatox Detox



For those of you that don’t know what tea-toxing is, it is basically detoxing by using tea (in combination with a healthy diet and exercise) to flush out toxins from your body. It’s fantastic because beach body season is still in full gear! I decided to discuss about Bootea UK instead of other detox teas because it was the only one that actually listed ALL of the ingredients online, instead of just writing “Chinese herbs”.  I love the Bootea because it has an online eating plan to help you with healthy eating for the teatox.  Alcohol, coffee and meat should NOT be consumed during the 14-day period and I also read on another teatox website that dairy should be left out. There are multiple reasons why people detox, supposedly you can lose weight, skin will clear up, more energy, better sleep, and improved metabolism … the list goes on and on. I decided to try Bootea because I needed a great colon cleanse. Yes, please be aware of the side effects; be sure to read any brand of teatox for their side effects.

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VMA & Emmy’s Best Dressed



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Tiana Mone’ – Your Love

Our Boss A** Workout


Summer is my favorite season of the year.  I cannot express how much joy this season brings to me.  Lately I have been working out in the pool– and it has been a blast!  Hopefully, you guys are getting ready to hit up the pool yourselves or, better yet, jet-set away to a beach vacation.  With that in mind I wanted to share my 1 Week Summer Shape Up Workout Plan!


30 Lunges (each leg)

30 squats

30 Kicks (each leg)

30 Sumo squats


Football Field Workout (Run the stairs or Walk the stairs 5 times)

30 Jump Squats


Jump rope (30 minutes)

Flutter kicks (3 sets of 25)



1 Hour of Hot Power Yoga


20 min cardio of your choice

Push-Ups (3 sets of 15)


4 mile run/jog/power walk


1 hour of Swimming


Stick to this workout plan for 7 days and I promise you will see a shapelier you by day 7. For best results, also try to keep up with Detox formula that has been previously posted on The Boss Up and always eat clean.  Enjoy and WORK HARD!!!

-Chanal Carlisle 

Chicago Bears Martellus Bennett Suspended and Fined

Bears General Manager Phil Emery announced that Martellus Bennett is suspended indefinitely and is also fined for conduct detrimental to the team. This decision made based on the fight between Bennett and Kyle Fuller during team drills on Monday. It was during a goal-line situation when Fuller broke on Bennett from the outside and grabbed on to the ball causing him to spin Bennett to the ground. That is when Bennett grabbed Fuller by the jersey, picked him up and slammed him to the ground. This isn’t the first time Bennett has had a situation like this and seemed to shrug off the fact that there are consequences to his actions. Bennett’s response is “I can afford [a fine], I don’t see what he can fine me for on that.”

-Hilda Angulo 

Audrey Valentine-Studio (Remix)

Plainro-Keep It Real


Boss of the Moment: Alexandria Stephens


Meet Alexandria Stephens, a successful jewelry designer capturing the rings and wrists of Now Girls Everywhere! 

1. Who is Alexandria Stephens?

Alexandria Stephens is me. I’m a mom, a hustla, and a lover of fashion.

2. How can you describe your brand and what kind of women wears your pieces?

After working in retail mostly with fashion accessories and Fashion Jewelry, I realized most woman (rich or not so rich) are timid when it comes to accessories and jewelry. What I did was find the classics (Pieces you need), the mix in’s (stuff you just add for fun), and the statement/collectors (the items that cost a little more but will be with you forever) and put them all in one place. I only buy items that are good quality and I take out the guess work for my customer. Everything on my site is dope and will add to your accessory wardrobe.

My customer is a woman who wants to stand out, but at the same time being authentic to her. She may spend $110.00 on a tank from Anne Fontaine but will also eat lunch at a taco truck. She is flashy, and fun, and lives her life with out explaining.


3. With so many other online boutiques, how do you separate yourself?

It’s so funny these days because you have all the Instagram Boutiques, and all the Rappers’ Girlfriends starting stores. I commend and salute them for being able to capitalize on this trend and make money. I separate myself because I’m not looking to be Instagram Famous. I went to school for fashion marketing, I worked retail for 12+years. I’m looking to bring quality accessories to the masses. For me this isn’t a hobby, this is my life. I want women who may not have a Henri Bendel near them, or even  know what that is, to have great accessories. For the lil girl who looks in the mags and saves her money to buy that piece that no one has. I rock for the girl who wants to stand out not just rock the same mono gucci bag.

4. What is your favorite piece you’re currently selling?

This is hard, because I wear it all and it changes, but if I have to chose I go with the Jenni.


5. What can your customers expect from you in the future?

I want to turn my online store into a store front.


6. Are there any celebrities you’d like to see in your pieces?

I love Beyonce and her fab stylist so she is always my answer. A close #2 is Kris Jenner. She rocks the best jewelry and is a killer business woman just being in her presence should be fantastic.


7. What are your social media websites as well as website?

Well my store’s web site is Home / Alexandria Stephens my business Instagram is @shopalexandriastephens and my personal is @alixstephens.


8. This is The Boss Up, so give us three reasons you consider yourself a Boss. 

I live by my own rules.

I’m always looking to grow and improve.

I don’t give up. If someone says no or closes the door, I find a window!!

Thank You Alexandria

Round Me-Hunnit Boyz

Young Chicago Rappers Dwa$h and  Boss Great Drop “Round Me”. Follow them on social media @dwashworld & @jakedagreat.